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Our apprenticeships are a 15-24 month investment in transformation of your business functions. They not only impart knowledge, they transform the soft skills and behaviours we all know to be key to corporate success, but which are so often neglected in favour of pure technical knowledge.

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“The support and guidance I have been provided by JGA…has been outstanding. Initially when starting I was a very shy and anxious and I struggled hugely with my self-esteem and confidence. My coaches and tutor were able to instantly understand this and created a safe and supportive environment. We were able to discuss options that would help me to comfortably start to explore my hidden strengths and everything was done at my pace.
The online seminars were interactive, fun, and engaging… The content was fresh and interesting…very effective in consolidating learning and building relationships… I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Dan, Ian, and Iain and I cannot thank JGA enough for this amazing opportunity. You have all changed my life for the better.” NHS PR & Communications Apprentice, 2024

Apprenticeship standards support intentional career paths in new, often little known, but fast growing, contemporary roles and professions. Learners achieve an industry defined ‘competence’ in their job role and are taught by practitioners – not academics, most of whom live the specialism as well as teach it.

It works. Last year our government official achievement rate (known as “QAR” in the jargon) was typically between 9% and 30% above the average of our competitors. Over 60% of JGA’s apprentices have achieved merit or distinction in independent end point assessment!

JGA’s approach is for a monthly full day or twice monthly half day roundtable/seminar delivered live to small groups, supplemented by expert coaching and pastoral support. Remote teaching (via Teams) enables us to offer niche high quality apprenticeships on a national basis. In-person is available when necessary.

JGA Achievement Rate by Standard (vs non-JGA national average)
JGA Achievement Rate by Standard (vs non-JGA national average)

The apprenticeships are well invested and purpose designed. They draw in hot topics such as ethics, data insights, digital, artificial intelligence and sustainability. We regularly revisit the curriculum to improve and develop the courses.

We work hard to support line managers and apprentices. There is a line manager handbook and inductions (also if you are inexperienced dealing with apprenticeships check out our employer guidance about the niceties), an inhouse helpdesk (run by an ex-apprentice), an online Learner Zone (for all the info the apprentice needs, including how to get discounts on shops and transport), experienced Learner Progress Advisers who identify and work to remove barriers to completion and progression, optional apprentice and alumni face to face events and webinars such as the Storytelling & Presentation Skills series and the Personal & Professional Development series, led by external experts.

Our apprenticeships work for graduates and school leavers, for new recruits and upskills, for the young and more mature and for juniors and managers.

We have dedicated pages for the voluntary sector and public services.

Sales, Marketing and Communications

Public Sector Professions

Communications Assistant Level 4 16 months
Policy Officer  Level 4 18 months
Health and Care Intelligence Specialist Level 7 22 months
Service Designer Level 6 18 months
Systems Thinking Practitioner Level 7 22 months

Business and Transformation

Service Designer Level 6 18 months
Transformational Leadership Programme Level 3 & 5 17 or 19 months
Business Administrator Level 3 15 months

* As at May 2024, more than 60% of JGA’s directly trained apprentices who had undertaken end point assessment achieved merit or distinction grade.

Case Studies

Discover how our Apprenticeships has help transform sales performance of some of our Levy Employers:

Peter Hill, Britvic

Transforming Britvic’s Field Sales Performance

Peter Hill | Head of Field Sales

Emma Cox, Thatcher Cider

Building Thatchers Cider’s Field Sales Team

Emma Cox | Head of Field Sales