Marketing Executive Apprenticeship Level 4

Duration: 15 months

The Marketing Executive apprenticeship is ideal for candidates with 0.5-2 years of marketing experience, and for new starters with previous education such as a degree which included an element of marketing.

We are delighted with the success of the programme. Apprentices and their employers take so much value from it that last year’s official achievement rate was 88% – way ahead of the 63% national average for all providers.

“There is an excellent breadth of knowledge and it encourages a willingness to get into the weeds and understand the theory. They mesh really nicely – theoretical and application. It stops [the apprentice] feeling scared of the theory and nitty gritty elements. It is down to the way that information is passed on by you guys” Line Manager, 2024

The programme is an all-round course which includes the process of researching, developing, promoting and distributing products or services through effective channels to engage with a range of internal or external target audiences.

It instils creative, communication and project management skills and helps planning and understanding of the systems, processes and budgetary implications of delivering tactical campaigns.

By the end of the programme, the apprentice will be an agile and flexible creative thinker with excellent resilience, professionalism and emotional intelligence.

Marketing executive employers include Cancer Research UK, Whitbread Plc, Virgin Media, News UK, BBC, Met Office, NHS, Police and many other organisations large and small.

The apprenticeship is assessed by the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Apprentices meet the requirements of Associate membership of the CIM. Completion qualifies apprentices for exemptions against the CIM level 4 Diploma.

Course Content

The programme modules are:

  • Business Understanding and Commercial Awareness
  • Brand and Reputation
  • Marketing Research and Evaluation
  • Marketing Concepts and Theories
  • Marketing Content and Communications Plans
  • Marketing Planning and Campaigns
  • CRM and Stakeholder Management
  • Bringing Products and Services to Market
  • Marketing Executive as a Professional

Delivery Model

The course is delivered through one full-day or two half-day seminars each month, coaching from an experienced marketing professional, plus a virtual classroom and pre-recorded lessons. We deliver nationally and teaching is delivered remotely.

The programme is personalised and has an expected duration of up to 15 months (including the post-gateway assessment period.

To get a real feel for the content, please download the content roadmap and brochure.

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MindWorks benefits from its first ever apprentice

MindWorks needed to find a very specific apprenticeship – one that fitted closely with Melissa’s background and the training she needed.

They were pleased to find what they were looking for at The JGA Group – the Marketing Executive Apprenticeship Level 4, assessed by the Chartered Institute of Marketing. As well as offering one of the most comprehensive ranges of marketing apprenticeships in the country, JGA’s training is delivered by marketing professionals, with portfolio careers, who know their industry inside-out.

“The JGA Group supported us when we were exploring how to run an apprenticeship. We had an open line to the team at The JGA Group and they were all very helpful in answering our many questions as we had never had an apprentice before and were absolute novices. The advice and support we were given helped us with the selection of the apprenticeship course as well as obtaining government funding.”

says Michelle – MindWorks Managing Director

Our Clients

Clients with cohorts of marketing executive apprentices include:

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