Digital Community Manager Apprenticeship Level 4

Duration: 18 months

Digital Community Managers facilitate online exchange, either peer to peer or between end users or customers and an organisation. The role may relate to online services such as the games or software sectors, or to bodies with a service providing geographical focus such as local government or the fire brigade. It often sits within the communications team but may also be part of an organisation’s technical or marketing structures, but in practice operates at speed and relatively autonomously.

Community management is of key importance to sales and/or satisfaction and the cost of a mis-step to an organisation may be financial or simply a huge loss of credibility and a tarnished brand.

The apprenticeship is professional quality training defined by major employers for graduates, school leavers and experienced but under-trained digital community teams.

Alternative titles for the role include Community Manager, Consumer Experience Representative, Games Community Manager.

Key elements covered within the apprenticeship include:

Proactively stimulate and drive customer interaction, attention to detail and accuracy. How to listen, assess, engage and react appropriately. Work autonomously and communicate clearly. How to moderate debate. Plan and initialise content posts. Appropriate level of intervention to change behaviour in the event of a violation. Be reliable and professional, friendly and positive.

Brand, goals, policies, commercial objectives and product or service.

Their customer profiles and demographics and modifying communications to maximise impact through each.

With the wider community and how to address complex concerns and queries and to resolve conflict. Community management and the theory and practice of neuro-linguistic programming.

Internet forum software and content management systems. Principles of data analytics and how to report findings.

Key competitors, their USPs, wider trends, best practice and ‘hot topics’ in the relevant industry.

Working safely online and separating out professional interactions are not personal. Online security procedures and spotting threats to cyber and data security. Identify and dealing with malicious or criminal activity.

Theory and practice of digital marketing, its role in overall communication strategy and how best to communicate a brand or product value.

Delivery Model

This 18 to 24 month programme is delivered through once monthly full day seminars plus coaching from a digital community professional as well as virtual classroom and online resources. We deliver nationally.

All teaching is presently delivered remotely and there is an active programme of starts despite Covid-19.

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