Marketing Manager Apprenticeship Standard Level 6

Duration: 19 months

We are especially proud of the Marketing Manager apprenticeship programme. It is a bespoke, accelerated degree level course which builds confidence, knowledge and skills.

“For my first round table session, I really enjoyed it! I found the discussion very interesting on sustainability, it was good to bounce off each other on the call in terms of different views and concepts of the topic – it’s a lot more than just environment issues! I’ll be looking forward to next round table and getting stuck into another interactive session.” Marketing Manager Apprentice, Informa Plc

The programme had an exceptional official 80% achievement rate last year (national average for all providers was 46%) and has recently been re-engineered to include AI for marketing managers. This is led by a specialist who conducted research on AI for marketers and presented it on BBC television.

Marketing Manager apprenticeships have proven particularly popular with marketing managers who have backgrounds in other parts of an organisation such as sales, social media, communications or operations, as well as those who especially benefit the additional mentoring and peer support that the programme provides.

The apprenticeship is assessed by the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Apprentices meet the requirements of Associate membership of the CIM. Completion qualifies apprentices for exemptions against the CIM level 6 Diploma.

Typical roles for the apprenticeship include Marketing Manager, Marketing and Communications Manager, Corporate Communications Manager, Product/Proposition Manager, Insight/Innovations Manager.

JGA offers a full suite of commercial apprenticeships.

Marketing manager client-side employers include Sage Plc, Pearson Plc, Centrica Plc, Informa Plc, BBC, NHS, Merseyside Police and agency-side employers such as DRP Group.

Course Modules

  • Strategic Marketing Concepts and Theories
  • Marketing Plan and Strategy
  • The Marketing Mix and Plan
  • Consumer Decision-Making, Scenario and Contingency Planning; Reputational Impact
  • Measuring and Delivering Return on Investment
  • Product and Customer Portfolio Management
  • Marketing Resource Management
  • Service Design, Delivery and Improvement
  • Emerging Trends and Themes in Marketing
  • Case Study
  • Demonstrating Marketing Leadership and Preparation for Assessment

Project modules

  • Business Case
  • Marketing Plan
  • Value Propositions
  • Service Delivery

Delivery Model

The course is delivered through twice-monthly half-day seminars for the course modules, and project work and round table discussion for the project modules. There is regular coaching from a marketing professional as well as virtual classroom and pre-recorded lessons. We deliver nationally.

The programme is personalised and has an expected duration of up to 19 months (including the post-gateway assessment period.

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Conservatory Outlet chooses apprenticeship to develop marketing team

When Conservatory Outlet needed to expand their workforce and develop the talents of their team, the Marketing Manager apprenticeship with The JGA Group was the perfect choice. Nikki and her line manager, Karen Clough, knew they needed to find a course which was exactly the right fit.

“We liked the fact that a Marketing Manager Level 6 apprenticeship would provide both the academic marketing focus as well as development of management skills.” Karen Clough, Group Marketing Director, Conservatory Outlet

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