Diploma & Qualifications Learner Zone

Welcome to The JGA Group | Learner Zone. This page is designed to keep you informed about your Qualification and supplement your hiqh-quality learning and career management experience.

Your Publications

Please take the time to carefully read through your publications designed to introduce and guide you through your Qualification | Learner Journey.

Publication Overview:

  • Qualification | Learner Handbook (Coming Soon)
  • Keeping Learners Safe | Welfare Guide
  • Keeping Learners Safe | Employers’ Guide

Your Tools

The key to a successful Qualification is not only to be aware of the principles taught within your workshops but to internalise the values and put things into practice. Meaningful learning can only take place when you are affectively engaged (when you put your heart into what you are learning). Because the lessons that are learned with your heart stay with you’re throughout life and if learnt in the right way will serve your careers goals and develop your future.

Please use the link to visit your E-portfolio and begin the process of truly internalise the principles and practices identified in your sessions.