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Learner Support

We are committed to creating fantastic learning and work experiences and ensuring learners’ safety and wellbeing.

This is achieved through 1-2-1 and small group support and an inclusive learning environment which supports all of our learners to move their careers forward, regardless of educational or other disadvantages. We have access to government funding to help those who need a little extra support whether it be physical challenges, an element of neuro diversity (such as dyslexia) or other barriers, even in some cases, help with childcare costs.

There is nothing more important than keeping learners safe

We work to protect learners at risk from abuse, neglect, significant harm or radicalisation. Staff recognise and accept responsibility to develop awareness of the risks and issues involved in safeguarding.

We introduce these concepts as part of our courses, so our learners can better understand their rights, responsibilities and how to identify issues for themselves, their friends and loved ones.

Equal Opportunity

We are committed to creating a culture of equality and diversity. We aim to be truly representative of all sections of society and ensure that each employee and learner feels respected.

Our learners are encouraged to do their very best. Education, employment, training and progression opportunities are equally available to all. We will not allow discrimination and unfair treatment against anyone because of protected characteristics, including age, disability, gender, religion, race or sexual orientation.

We aim to foster a positive environment that promotes dignity and respect. No bullying or harassment are tolerated.

Career development

We offer a careers consultancy service to provide impartial and constructive information, advice and guidance about careers to all our learners.


If you feel you are not safe or are not being treated fairly then please speak to your coach or tutor, email or call 020 8426 2666 and speak to Paula Wakelin.