System Thinking Practitioner Level 7

Duration: 24-30 months

Systems Thinking Practitioners support decision-makers in strategic and leadership roles to understand and address complex and sometimes even ‘wicked’ problems through the provision of expert systemic analysis, advice and facilitation.

The occupation is found in arenas where complex problems exist that cannot be addressed by any one organisation or person, but which require cross-boundary collaboration within and between organisations. Examples of likely Systems Thinking Practitioner (STP) employers include central and local government, defence, education and research, the health service, globalised corporations with complex supply chain and partner relationships, international banks and financial services. NGOs and social enterprises addressing social challenges and consultancy service providers working with any of the above would also benefit from this apprenticeship.

Course Content

The programme covers the following themes:

  • Overview of systems thinking
  • Core systems leadership skills
  • Self-as-instrument and self-development
  • Systems leadership in organisations and institutions
  • System-of-interest in complexity
  • Working with multi-actor systems to lead whole-systems change
  • Systems-of-interest with an outcomes focus
  • Facilitative and emergent systems leadership
  • Working from within the existing system to build on potential
  • Systems innovation
  • Systems leadership intervention skills
  • Understanding and shaping systems dynamics

Delivery Model

The course is delivered through once monthly full day seminars plus coaching from a systems thinking professional as well as virtual classroom and pre-recorded lessons. We deliver nationally.

All teaching is presently delivered remotely and there is an active programme of starts despite Covid-19.

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