System Thinking Practitioner Level 7

Duration: 22 months

Systems Thinking Practitioners support decision-makers in strategic and leadership roles to understand and address complex and sometimes even ‘wicked’ problems through the provision of expert systemic analysis, advice and facilitation.

The occupation addresses complex problems that cannot be addressed by any one organisation or person, but which require cross-boundary collaboration within and between organisations. Example employers include public service, research, NHS, corporations with complex supply chain and partner relationships, banks, financial services and NGOs addressing social challenges as well as specialist consultancy service providers.

Course Content

Thee accelerated training phase is 18 months, plus four months for end point assessment.

The format is:

  • Tutor-led, interactive seminars via Teams or Zoom, with leading Systems Thinking practitioners, typically a day a month
  • Monthly 1-2-1 time with an experienced skills coach
  • Online learning and self-study materials
  • Development of an individualised Workplace Development Plan focused on both learner and business needs
  • Quarterly reviews with line managers
  • Self-study

Modules cover:

  • Introduction to Systems Thinking
  • Systems Approaches – Underpinning Ideas and Core Concepts
  • Problematic Situations and Systems Approaches
  • Engaging with Stakeholders
    • Intervention and Engagement
    • Information and Data Gathering
    • Situations vs Systems
  • Producing a Model for Systems of Interest or Focus
  • Role of Systems Approaches in Supporting Strategy and Change
    • Culture, beliefs of the organisation
    • Ethics
  • Systems Work Practice: Work Based Project Implementation

Each presentation of the course is adjusted for the types of complex problems apprentices face at work and includes projects and assignments aligned to their real work.

Delivery Model

The programme is delivered through expert-led live seminars, delivered remotely utilising Zoom/Teams, plus coaching from apprenticeship specialists as well as additional online and offline resources. We deliver nationally.

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