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Welfare Updates

We regularly publish updates to provide you with support on topics such as safety, diversity and wellbeing. Check out the articles below.

2007, 2023

How to Building a Rewarding and Resilient Career

July 20th, 2023|

Career development is an intricate dance between ambition and timing. While some may believe it is a concern for the distant future, the truth is that the right time to deliberate upon it is now. By proactively shaping our professional path, we pave the way for growth, learning, and fulfillment. Embrace the present moment as the opportune juncture to lay the foundation for a prosperous future.

1207, 2023

Personal Safety

July 12th, 2023|

Personal safety is of paramount importance as it ensures the well-being and security of individuals. By practicing personal safety measures, such as being aware of one's surroundings, maintaining situational awareness, and taking precautions, individuals can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, crime, and harm, allowing for a more secure and protected life.

2606, 2023

The Science of Gratitude

June 26th, 2023|

Discover the transformative power of gratitude with Andrew Huberman. Unleash happiness and well-being with the science-backed practice that cultivates appreciation, fosters resilience, and enhances overall life satisfaction.

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