Evidencing Your Learning

Throughout your course, you will need to evidence your learning against the course criteria. This is to ensure you have met all of the criteria ahead of assessment. Some courses require you to submit this evidence as a portfolio, if so, your tutor will guide you through this.

How can I evidence my learning?

Your coach and tutor will work with you to best gather evidence of your learning. This can take various forms:

Tasks, questions, case studies set by tutors and coaches

Recorded discussion between yourself and your coach covering subjects areas in the standard

Short Q&A session with your coach that will be recorded

Written statements from your line managers and colleagues to confirm your participation in activities that demonstrate your skills, knowledge and behaviours

Evidence of meeting minutes, proposals, emails etc that occur naturally at work to support your learning

Self reflection recorded in your learning journal demonstrating what you have learnt and how this has impacted your role

Your coach can carry out observations whilst you are working, enabling you to demonstrate skills, behaviours and knowledge