Equality Inclusion and Diversity

The JGA Group is committed to creating a culture that supports equality and diversity. We aim to be truly representative of all sections of society and ensure that each employee feels respected. This is very important to us and for you.

Under the Equality Act, everyone in Britain is protected from discrimination when they are in the workplace AND when they use or interact with businesses and other organisations that provide services and goods.

Although it’s not a legal requirement for companies to have an Equality & Diversity policy, it is good practice to have a statement of commitment to promote equality and diversity within the workplace and protect your workforce from discrimination.

Read the JGA Equality and Diversity Policy

If you or someone you know is at risk you can raise your concerns and making a referral to: safeguarding@jga-group.co.uk.


The Equality Act (2010) covers everyone in Britain. By law it protects people from discrimination, harassment and victimisation according to nine characteristics:

  • Age

  • Disability

  • Gender reassignment
  • Marriage and Civil Partnership
  • Race
  • Religion or Belief
  • Pregnancy and Maternity
  • Sex or Sexual Orientation

  • Sexual Orientation

The main types of discrimination the law protects against are:

This means treating one person less favourably than another person because of a protected characteristic.

This can happen when an organisation puts a rule or a policy or a way of doing things in place which has a more negative impact on someone with a protected characteristic than someone without one.

Discriminating against someone who is associated with a protected group.
Discrimination against someone because he or she is wrongly perceived to have a certain protected characteristic (in other words, making assumptions).

This means people cannot treat you in a way that violates your dignity, or creates a hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.