Apprenticeship Autumn Newsletter

We’re delighted to build on the success of our Marketing Manager and Systems Thinking apprenticeships to launch the country’s first Service Designer apprenticeship and to start our new partnership with Middlesex University for the Creative Digital Design Professional.

Learning whilst earning works for all levels of organisations. Challenges differ for managers and entry-level but the principles are the same – benefit yourself and your employer immediately by applying learning in the workplace.

In this newsletter, you can find out more about new and updated apprenticeships.

Richard Goodwin

As always, if you have any questions about apprenticeships, our lovely team John, Heena, Richard, Jo or Laura can help:

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Richard Goodwin
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Creative Digital Design Professionals Are Made and Not Just Born!

Do you employ application designers, creative artworkers, creative design managers, creative designers, creative directors, designers, digital designers, interaction designers or web designers? If so then the new Creative Digital Design Professional degree apprenticeship (BA Hons) may add value to your organisation.

The apprenticeship teaches digital design, content creation and project management skills to help creatives plan, pitch and produce effective design. On completion, they receive an apprenticeship as well as a degree from Middlesex University – a well-known hub for creative and design excellence.

The course is led by Dr Tim Riley who has 25 years experience in creative agency and corporate design environments.

View the new brochure and contact us at for more information.

Designing Our Service

Over the past two years, we have focused on our own service design, making sure that apprentices receive professional quality, well organised and inspiring training.

To maximise impact for apprentices and employers, we are refreshing content and accelerating courses where possible.

Part of the improvement process has been to launch the Learner Zone. Each apprenticeship has a dedicated section with information about the training team, the knowledge, skills and behaviours in the apprenticeship standard and information to help prepare apprentices for End Point Assessment.

We’ll be using this platform to support the drive into further specialist apprenticeships. We’ve also refreshed courses such as Event Assistant, Fundraiser, Marketing Manager, Systems Thinker and a new course for Photographer, which has relaunched as a level 4.

If you find standards without suitable provision, then do please let us know.

Celebrating Success

Amazing stuff! For the third time, the Government Communications Service has won Apprentice Employer of the Year at the PR & Comms Association Apprenticeship Awards. JGA apprentice Leon Sinden was also named Apprentice of the Year.

“Our programme allows participants to earn while they learn and is a great way to begin a fulfilling comms career. It also attracts a diverse range of people with entirely different backgrounds who may not have otherwise considered a career in government communications.” Eleanor Clarke, GCS

Leon adds “This award feels like a perfect culmination of the adventure that was my GCS apprenticeship. In only 2 years I have worked on incredible projects and developed relationships with countless talented, kind and hard working people…”

Thank you to everyone in GCS organisations for giving the apprentices a great experience.

Getting Out & About

We love getting out and about to meet apprentices, employers and thought leaders. If you’re attending, please stop by and say hello!

This autumn our stops include:

  • Operational Research Society Conference
  • Service Design in Government
  • Healthcare Project and Change Association (NHS project mgt) 11 Oct 23
  • APMP UK Conference (bid management profession) 18 Oct 23

Apprentices and alumni in London, Manchester and Birmingham will soon get the opportunity to meet each other and JGA’s staff at a new series of regular events inspired by our Board of Alumni.

What The People Who Matter Think

“I have had a really positive experience with JGA, all staff members I have interacted with are kind, informative and really support me to do well in my apprenticeship. I find the courses really interesting and very relevant to my role. My Employer has also been impressed with the wrap-around support that JGA has offered.”

Policy Officer, London Councils

“The apprenticeship was really helpful and I’ve taken lots that I learned into my new role.”

Bid & Proposal, Siemens

“I truly had a great time during my apprenticeship 😊”

Digital Marketer, Acas