The Power of Video In Remote Meetings

Remote meetings are here to stay. Whether it’s because you’re working from home, collaborating across multiple geographical locations, or just trying to keep travel costs and environmental impacts down, remote meetings are a key part of modern business life. But how can you make the most of your presence online?

We round up some useful articles on why using your camera in remote meetings is beneficial and how you can best present yourself.

Keeping Your Camera On

In the modern world, virtual meetings are an everyday occurrence – so what are the benefits to keeping your camera on?

The Sociologist Tracy Brower’s article in commented in her article “Why Turning On Video is Important” that:-

  • Video demonstrates responsibility
  • Video communicates confidence
  • Video builds trust and rapport
  • Video helps you engage
  • Video makes you memorable
  • Video sets the meeting’s tone

In addition, Steve Hughes, Communications Consultant, says

“You’d never show up to an in-person meeting and hold a folder in front of your face or hide under the conference table, so why would you “attend” a virtual meeting and turn off your camera?

His list of the Top 10 Reasons to Keep Your Camera on In Virtual Meetings includes building trust, helping you to be known and grow your network, fostering team cohesion and allowing people to see your confidence and competence.

So how best to present yourself when attending a virtual meeting?

Hari Patience-Davies

Founder of Patience-Davies Consulting, a Training, Coaching and Consultancy service, Hari Patience-Davies, suggests the following top tips to learn to love the camera:-

  • Turn on your camera!
  • Think about camera placement – ideally it should be level with your eyes.
  • Think about lighting – can the audience see your face? If not, light it up. And don’t have your back to a window – you want light on your face, not behind you.
  • Is your webcam good enough quality? Is it worth investing in a better one?
  • Look at the camera – use something eye catching if you need the visual reminder