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We want to help you achieve your full potential. We offer a careers consultancy service to ensure you have impartial and constructive information and guidance to help you decide and then to action your career decisions. To find out more about having a careers consultation, speak to your Tutor/Coach or Learner Progress Advisor about seeing one of our consultants; alternatively, please fill out the form below.

It is important to us to keep in touch with you over the long term. We aim to set up an alumni network to provide you with benefits after you finish your apprenticeship so please expect occasional communications. You will have the opportunity to opt-out of communication if you no longer wish to receive them.

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Let’s Chat Careers Advice Podcast

Focussed on career conversations, hosts Scott and Charlotte chat about a range of workplace-related topics. They are joined by guests who share their first-hand experiences and career top tips. Presented by PwC.

Career development is an intricate dance between ambition and timing. While some may believe it is a concern for the distant future, the truth is that the right time to deliberate upon it is now. By proactively shaping our professional path, we pave the way for growth, learning, and fulfillment. Embrace the present moment as the opportune juncture to lay the foundation for a prosperous future.

Career Development