How to ace your JGA PR and Communications Assistant Level 4 apprenticeship

By Emilija, PR & Comms Apprentice

Are you looking for some top tips on how to ace your PR and Communications Assistant apprenticeship? If so, you have come to the right place.

I am at the end of my JGA journey and thought I would share my experience to help future apprentices starting out.

First things first, do your research. It is really important to know your company whether it is your first day there or your 10th year. As a PR and Communications professional, it is vital that you familiarise yourself with the organisation and its brand’s message. This way you will be fully informed on the organisation’s mission, vision and values which will help you figure out what messaging you want to be putting out into the world.

When you start the masterclass sessions, engage with the learning and ask questions. That is the best way to learn and develop a better understand of a brand-new topic. As well as connecting and communicating with your tutor and classmates.

When it comes to working full time and learning on the job, things can get a little busy. Personally, I found a trick that is simple and works every time – keep on top of your home learning, attend your masterclass sessions, and log your off-the job training hours as soon as they happen. Being organised will mean you are less likely to fall behind on your work, therefore not have to worry about catching up.

However, if you do find yourself struggling to juggle both work and learning, remember to speak to either your line manager, tutor, learning advisor or skills coach. They are all there to help you and will be able to guide you back in the right direction. Remember you are about to become a communications professional so communicating is a big part of the job.

Throughout the apprenticeship you might have several opportunities to work alongside another team, work shadow a senior member of staff or undertake some interesting training. Make sure you take those chances as these turn out to be the best learning moments for you. During my apprenticeship, I was lucky enough to undertake many of these opportunities which have strengthened my knowledge of the industry and allowed me to experience different aspects of the sector.

My journey throughout my apprenticeship flew by very fast, which brings me on to my final and best piece of advice – enjoy it while it lasts. Learn from your colleagues and classmates, apply the theory to real life practice and use those coaching sessions wisely.

My top tips for acing your apprenticeship:

  • Do your research
  • Engage with the learning
  • Ask questions
  • Get organised
  • Talk to your line manager and coaches
  • Say yes to opportunities
  • Enjoy it while it last