Production Assistant Skills Bootcamp 2024

Courtesy of funding from the DfE and Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership and with generous sponsorship from SEGRO, training provider The JGA Group and VMI partnered in early 2024 to run a six-Week Skills Bootcamp. This Skills Bootcamp aimed to empower and guide individuals interested in pursuing a career as production assistants in the Film and TV entertainment industry.

The program was specially crafted and led by multi award winning producer Simon Poon Tip in collaboration with Creative Director Ellis Gilbert.

Group photo after the music video shoot

Some of the skills developed in the bootcamps

  • Teamwork
  • Elements of production
  • Visiting a rental company
  • How to act on set
  • Budgeting
  • Production planning
  • Surviving in the freelance world
  • Building budgets
  • Production planning
  • Production Design
  • Health & safety

Utilising a hands-on approach, students worked together in group activities to apply their knowledge in real-life scenarios. From set design to costume design, script writing to hair and makeup, everyone had the opportunity to get stuck in and develop their skills.

learners working together around a table
learner presenting ideas to group

Another element of the Bootcamp involved collaborating with a band to conceptualise and execute a production brief for designing a pop music video.

Following this, the students also actively participated in the shooting of two music video productions for an up-and-coming RnB artist, aided by professional crews and top-notch equipment from VMI.

learner adjusting the dolly rig tracks (rails that the camera is on)
lighting equipment on set
image of master lighting controls
learner holding movie clap for cut scene

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The resulting footage was professionally edited and produced, shown a week later in a formal screening at the Ealing Broadway PictureHouse, where each student was credited for their contributions to the project. This was a highlight for many, and it was amazing to see everyone’s contributions on the big screen.

learners at the music video premiere together
Image of the front of Ealing Broadway Picture house

Upon successful completion of the program, all students underwent formal interviews for opportunities within the industry. Their performance and contribution during the bootcamp garnered positive feedback, along with developmental advice to forward in their careers within the entertainment sector.