Celebrating the PR and Communications Apprenticeship

2022 was a great year for PR and Communications apprentices with 75% of JGA’s learners achieving distinctions in their final assessment.

Nationally, JGA is the largest provider of PR and Communications apprenticeships. Currently more than 45 organisations across central government, local government, blue light and the private sector trust us to train their communications assistants.

JGA is the official provider of apprenticeships to the Government Communications Service and we were delighted to recently retain this contract to support government departments and agencies in developing communications teams.

Earlier this year the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) ran a round table event with JGA’s MD, two employers and three PR and Communications apprentices who each took a very different route into their careers: without A levels; after university and having found that university wasn’t for them.

All agreed that the apprenticeship had been a positive experience and, as an apprentice, they benefitted from the energy and ideas of others on their course.

“I had quite an unconventional journey after A levels … Everyone in my school was just told to go to university. Other options aren’t really explained to you. So I did a year at university. I didn’t like it at all. I was someone who wanted to do rather than learn and to be able to do both was amazing.”

Oliver, PR and Communications apprentice

“I finished uni and started as an intern in marketing, then did another job. I worked quite closely with the internal comms team and I thought I’d love to do that. The reason I picked an apprenticeship is I wanted to do more learning.”

Ellie, PR and Communications apprentice

“I completed another apprenticeship at Level 3. Because I didn’t do my A levels, I was a bit nervous but it turned out to be completely fine … Depending on which stakeholder groups they are trying to access, you might have a stake in that as well.”

Kya, PR and Communications apprentice