Podcast Series 2022

Join The JGA Group on a journey of seven topics that challenge thinking, aid learning, provide insight and inspire through real life examples shared and discussed by industry professionals, getting under the skin of behaviours in business that lead to success. 

First there were field trips, then the pandemic struck and we introduced a series of Lunch & Learn online debates. Now we have the JGA7! JGA7 is a series of 7 podcasts with experts whom apprentices wouldn’t normally be able to access, debating themes that run through private and public sector business today.

Released weekly and hosted by Owen Twidale – an expert in business and customer-experience, the podcasts are designed to inspire and challenge listeners to think more effectively about their organisations, productivity and careers.

Guests from organisations, agencies and brands across multiple sectors of communications, research, marketing, policy, education and more, engage in professional discussion on everything from trend forecasting to millionaire mindset, innovation in business, the impact data on creativity, thinking like a leader and more.

For example, Rachel Rapp, Futures Director of specialist agency Crowd DNA and guru on trends, culture and strategic insights tells us how the world is changed, how our views and actions are evolving and the impact of the pandemic on the British and international populations.

Paul Stanway co-founder of XYZ of Paul digs into his 20 + year career in the experiential marketing sector to tell us what it is and highlight some of the key fundamentals of the discipline. Topics include “Thinking like a Millionaire” and “How Looking Back Helps us to Look Forward.”

And now the latest episode Personalised Marketing; where to draw the line has been released. This hugely informative episode helps us to better personalised marketing, what it is, differences between types of data from personally identifiable data to macro data signals and why respect for data is so crucial.

It has prompted one listener to comment “what a fab episode! I learnt so much in that 30 minutes, brilliant work there on the selection of guest and the questioning to keep things accessible and bringing it all the way back to that original point about ethics”. Thank you special guest Jacques Edeling, Head of Programmatic at Starcom UK, (a world-renowned media communications agency within the Publicis Media Group) and host Owen Twidale.

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