Thank You Sandy

Thank you Sandy Hutchison, retiring Director, Partners, for your long and outstanding service to The JGA Group. Your sixteen years with the company have made you our longest serving member of staff.

You have developed business, managed contacts, worked hard and played fair.

Above all you will be remembered for your good humour and the difference you have made to the lives and careers of colleagues, former colleagues and many of our delivery partners. Safely under your wing many have grown themselves personally and professionally, developed their businesses and made their mark in further education and their specialist sectors.

Words from his Colleagues

Words from Jane | Founder 

“After an illustrious career managing an international business, Sandy was looking for new opportunities and joined our Executive Challenge programme. We invited him in to JGA for a few days to see what our industry was like and 16 years later the result has become history…”

Words from Richard | Managing Director

“Sandy has been at the heart of JGA for so long that he has become the living embodiment of our attitude to diversity. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, black or white, it’s what you do that counts. He has made an amazing contribution to the company.”

Words from Jubril | Head of Brand & Corporate Communications

“Sandy had a positive influence on the completion stages of my Apprenticeship. His sound advice and professional conduct served as a prime example in my day to day role with The JGA Group. Thank you!”