Apprenticeship End Point Assessment

There is one thing which is certain about the post-2017 Apprenticeship landscape it is that JGA will continue to do the right things and do them in an innovative, flexible way. The most recent example of this is our pride in being accepted on to the Institute for Apprenticeship’s Register of End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAO) for bodies who make the decision whether an apprentice has passed his or her apprenticeship.

In line with our strategy to become more deeply involved in the Events sector the first standard we have been cleared to assess is Live Event Rigger – those people who install the infrastructure for the scenic, lighting, sound and audio-visual elements of a live event. Like other ‘trades’ it is a role in which you can start with minimal qualifications but on achieving professional competence can expect high annual earnings. It is a profession which is both expanding and aging so there is lots of opportunity for ambitious people to gain great training and well-paid jobs.

JGA’s application for EPAO status was supported by the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham and Paul Rowlands, Rigging Development Manager at NEC Arenas when told of the result, celebrated with a four exclamation mark expression “Well Done All!” Whilst putting in place the Live Event Rigging assessment we plan to apply for similar status for the recently published Live Event Technician Apprenticeship and have been asked by a professional body to become the first EPAO for another Apprenticeship standard.

It only remains for me to thank rigging expert Eric Porter who is truly invested in this programme to provide opportunities for riggers new to the industry and to JGA’s Quality Director Lisa MacCormac who with intelligence, patience and thoroughness made the application happen and is taking the project forward.

Richard Goodwin
Managing Director | The JGA Group