Upskill Your Employees with our Service Designer Apprenticeship

To read a full overview of our Service Designer apprenticeship, which includes the below topics, view our Level 6 Service Designer Page.

  • Service Design Overview
  • Knowledge modules
  • Work Based Project Modules
  • Delivery Model
  • Creating the Service Designer Course (go to on this page)


Are you looking to enhance your organisation’s service delivery and innovation?

Our 18-month Level 6 Service Designer apprenticeship is designed with public and private sector experts such as James Symonds, Dr Anthony Giannoumis and Clara Greo to equip your team with the skills needed to design and improve your services.

A service design apprenticeship is not only a great way to upskill existing employees, it’s also an opportunity to bring someone – and something – new to your team.

What is Service Design?

Service design focuses on creating and improving services to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations. It involves understanding user needs, designing efficient processes, and implementing solutions that benefit both customers and the business. This approach ensures that all areas of a service are seamlessly integrated, providing the best experience for end-users.

Service design differs from user experience (UX) as it focuses on how the user experience is internally created, as opposed to improving the usability and desirability of the digital interfaces themselves.

Why is Service Design Needed?

In today’s competitive market, service designers help organisations stand out by ensuring services are user-centred, efficient, and adaptable to changing needs. It drives customer satisfaction, which is crucial for retaining happy customers and staying ahead in the industry.

  • Improved service quality
  • Enhanced customer loyalty

  • Reduced risk

  • Efficiency and cost reduction

Why a Service Design Apprenticeship?

Our service design apprenticeship was created to equip junior professionals with specialised, transferrable skills in a growing discipline. It enables them to tackle real-world challenges, making them more valuable to their employer. By focusing on both classroom and practical knowledge, apprenticeships ensure that learners are well-rounded professionals ready to make a positive impact both during, and on completion, of their course.

Why JGA for Apprenticeships?

For over 30 years, we have been providing safe and high-quality learning and career management experiences, enabling our customers to progress in education, work and life across all of our courses.

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JGA Group stands out with its extensive experience as an apprenticeship training provider. We have won numerous awards and worked with specialists to ensure the highest quality course content. By collaborating with active service design professionals, our curriculum remains relevant to real-life work scenarios. We continually update our resources and make amendments to keep the curriculum current. This demonstrates our proactive approach and commitment to solving problems—key traits for any service designer.

First approved for delivery in March 2023, we were proud to be the first apprenticeship training provider to offer a Level 6 Service Designer course. Despite being a fairly new standard, we have worked hard to create the best possible course for learners and their employers. Read more about the creation of our Service Designer apprenticeship.

But don’t just take our word for it, see the stats:

JGA Achievement Rate by Standard (vs non-JGA national average)

Apprentices and learners particularly appreciate being taught by experts who help to bring their subjects to life and make them relevant to their own workplace… Apprentices and learners value the high levels of support they receive…

Tutors help apprentices and learners develop their knowledge and confidence to be more effective in their roles. They organise interesting projects for apprentices”.

Ofsted Report

Creating the Service Designer Course

We built this apprenticeship with both the public and private sector in mind. We worked with a well-known service design consultancy and took input from the trailblazer group of employers so that the course reflects employer priorities. Early cohorts are now well underway, we regularly take feedback and make improvements to keep it up to date and in line with current practice.

This apprenticeship is completely job-focused. Our goal is to develop the apprentice into an outstanding service designer.

Want to know more? Watch our Service Designer video below:


Together with Systems Thinking, Health & Care Intelligence and Marketing Manager, Service Designer is one of the degree and masters degree equivalent apprenticeships that JGA provides to help transform organisations. For more information about JGA’s apprenticeships contact our helpful sales team at or check out our apprenticeship pages.