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In June we welcomed Laura Thurlow, former CEO of the Community Foundation for Surrey. With an MSc in Voluntary Sector Management and a Diploma in Charity Accounting Laura seems like a natural person to build JGA’s relationships with the voluntary sector.

Laura reflects on the role of apprenticeships in not-for-profit organisations.

Laura Thurlow

Laura Thurlow

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I recently joined The JGA Group and am really enjoying working with the team. My role is specifically focused on supporting connections with voluntary sector organisations, and I am keen to raise awareness of the positive opportunities offered by apprenticeship training programmes.

Before connecting with JGA, I must admit that I was harbouring false assumptions about apprenticeships – assuming that they were only relevant to certain sectors or certain career stages. I have quickly come to understand that apprenticeships are open to all ages and backgrounds and are available from Level 2 to Level 7 (equivalent to a Master’s Degree). As well as being a great way to bring in recruits, it is equally possible to recognise and invest in existing staff through an apprenticeship.

The new Fundraiser apprenticeship deserves a big shout out! This truly is a fantastic programme that combines interactive online seminars led by expert tutors, along with research tasks and individual study, as well as real-time workplace activities and regular skills coaching.

The programme has been developed by fundraisers who have decades of experience in fundraising, working with various charities, large and small. There really is so much positive that I can say about it – from the breadth and depth of the content, to how it can be tailored around an individual learner’s workplace environment to bring the greatest value to their context and ensure that both personal and professional objectives are met.

The principles of equity, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of the apprenticeship and are included in a module dedicated to organisational culture, which also looks at how to build resilience.

The JGA team has also worked hard to develop an option for those who work part-time (20-30 hours per week) in a fundraising role.

Fundraiser Apprenticeship

An expert-developed apprenticeship focused on achieving occupational competence for fundraisers.

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There are healthy financial incentives to take away the cost burden of the training:

  • The government meets 95% of the training cost.

  • There are additional grants*, employer National Insurance Contribution (NIC) reductions, and other similar financial benefits available that can meet the 5% employer contribution many times over.

  • *Until September 2021, employers can claim a £3,000 incentive payment for hiring an apprentice. NICs (13.8%) are not payable on any apprentice aged under 25.

JGA also has a wide portfolio of other programmes – Specialising in marketing, digital community management, PR & communications, data, events and photography.

I would love to talk through how we can help your organisation – whether you are looking to recruit an apprentice or to place an existing member of your team onto an apprenticeship.

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