The JGA Group | Enrichment Event – Tour of Parliament

Recently our apprentices enjoyed a tour of the Houses of Commons and Lords which was entertaining as well as historical and informed strong debate on the ethics and political relationships within the policy profession and complemented their masterclass-based understanding from the Policy Officer Higher Apprenticeship programme.

The 90 minute tour led apprentices through the Commons and the Lords Chambers, following in the footsteps of the HM the Queen at the State Opening of Parliament and inspiring them with the almost 1,000 year old Westminster Hall.

“It was brilliant to see our learners engaged in truly off the job learning which will shape their views and the way they do their jobs for the rest of their careers. They will be able to reflect upon and demonstrate the influence of these learning experiences in their daily roles. I look forward to the next #ExcellentOrganisations Field Visit.”

Ceara Roopchand, Policy Professional & Programme Lead

We are working with sectors support professionalisation through a range of professional vocational training and high-quality apprenticeship programmes tailored to meet clients individual needs.

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Our latest Policy Officer Apprentices start in mid September. Their first masterclasses will take place in the House of Commons. Apprentices will be working for the House of CommonsCabinet OfficeCoventry City Council, Shelter UKParliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman and other #centralgovernment, #localgovernment and #thirdsector bodies. This is a unique opportunity for junior policy professionals to learn the world of policy management from the ground up alongside a mixed cohort of prestigious expert organisations from across the public and private sectors.

#ExcellentOrganisations Field Visits

We have pioneered the Excellent Organisations initiative featuring Apprentice field visits to explore how the very best organisations operate in their field.