Digital Marketer Apprenticeship Level 3

The apprenticeship will last from 15-18 months, 15 months will be dedicated to on-programme learning and then 3 months for End-Point Assessment. The knowledge is broken down into 3 different modules:

  • Principles of online and offline marketing
  • Digital marketing business principles
  • Principles of coding

Learners will also be assessed on skills and behaviours.

Apprentices will closely work within the marketing team and overview the marketing plan of that organisation which will determine their daily roles and responsibilities. The course will be delivered through classroom sessions once a month, as well as virtual classrooms and pre-recorded lessons. Apprentices are also required to complete 20% off the job training.

Delivery Model

The course is delivered through once monthly full day workshops plus coaching from a marketing professional as well as virtual classroom and pre-recorded lessons. We deliver nationally.

All teaching is presently delivered remotely and there is an active programme of starts despite Covid-19.

Cohorts are accelerating off the job learning to provide stimulation and connection for furloughed apprentices. The second benefit from starting now is that in effect apprentices are trained whilst the majority of their employment costs are being covered by the government.

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