Master Photographers Commend Next Generation

Huge congratulations to the four Assistant Photographer apprentices who achieved “Highly Commended” in their first ever monthly critiques with the Master Photographers Association (MPA).

The MPA is a professional membership body for photographers and one of the longest standing photographic associations in Britain.

It is run by photographers for photographers and is committed to sharing knowledge and experience to help guide our learners throughout the apprenticeship and onward as professional photographers. With a qualification and mentoring system designed to promote continued professional development, the MPA are recognised leaders in setting the standards of professional photography today. JGA’s apprentices are entitled to free membership of the MPA.

Each month the MPA runs image critiques (known as ’the Monthlies’) for which members submit their images for informal feedback. These are widely recognised by the membership and the wider photographic community as the best and quickest way to improve the photographer’s imaging skills.

Very well done Gemma Burgess, George Beckett, Harmeet Panesar and Tamsin Marke for gaining “Highly Commended” for your very first entries!

The JGA Assistant Photographer apprenticeship programme is pioneering. It was the first in the country and focuses not only on the knowledge an Assistant Photographer needs in order to be competent but on skills and behaviours such as developing a strong work ethic, being adaptable, honest and able to plan, organise and communicate.

The programme is led by Anthony Milner, professional photographer and trainer with experience in architecture, interior, fashion, studio and product photography. The course is suitable for learners from photography studios, creative agencies and corporate teams.