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Sales Skills Scans

Our unique sales skill gap analysis reports identify the strengths and areas for development of each member of your sales team. Coaching and training can build on the strengths and addressing the gaps in their knowledge and key soft skills and behaviours to transform team performance.

How does it work?

Each member of your sales team rates their abilities against 100 criteria, selected because they represent the fundamental competencies of a great sales team. The self-scoring is overlaid by a manager or colleague view to produce a 360-degree gap analysis report. The result? A weighted confidence score for the 22 core sales executive knowledge, skill and behaviour competencies.

Our consultants, led by experienced sales trainer Steve Radford (who sits on the Education Board at the Association of Professional Sales and who has Unilever, Britvic and other well-known sales operations on his training CV), are available to talk you through the output reports, discuss your options for accessing funded sales training, and outline options for next steps.

No matter what you decide, the reports are yours to keep. Best of all, for any firm with an England-based sales team, the entire process is free.

For more information, download a sample report, or apply for your free skill scans today.

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Clients with cohorts of sales executive apprentices include: