End Point Assessment

End-Point Assessment (EPA) is the process of formally and independently validating that an apprentice has reached the required standard at the end of their programme and developed the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviours to do their job. Employers, with the support of their chosen training provider, will choose which End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) they want to assess their apprentices from the approved Register of End-Point Assessment Organisations published by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).

The JGA Group has established a dedicated resource to end-point assess apprenticeship standards. In January 2021 a team of marketing and communications apprentices did an amazing project and rebranded these activities as “Progress Minded.” We have released a dedicated EPA website progressminded.co.uk to reflect that we are now a top 10% (by number of standards approved) EPAO. Please use progressminded.co.uk for more guidance about our activities and to get in touch with us.

Working with a team of highly qualified industry experts to conduct an independent assessment, we provide a personalised service. We focus on accelerating the gateway period and ensuring that synoptic project briefs reflect both the nature and the sector/company for each apprentice. We support all parties involved in the apprenticeship to prepare for the EPA throughout the life of the programme.

We are approved for:

  • Data Analyst L4
  • Data Technician L3
  • Digital Support technician  L3
  • IS Business Analyst L4
  • IT Solutions Technician L3
  • Software Developer L4
  • Digital Marketer L3
  • Junior Content Producer L3
  • Operations or Departmental Manager L5
  • Team Leader or Supervisor L3
  • Employability Practitioner L4
  • Military Engineering Construction Technician L3
  • Live Event Rigger L3
  • Papermaker L3

This is the first stage in our building a broader portfolio focused around market niches mainly within the IT and business apprenticeship sectors. We aim to provide a broad range of relevant synoptic project options and to be commercial, supportive, flexible and responsive.

Please go to progressminded.co.uk or call 020 3869 0245 to tell Cherie Heaven about your assessment needs.

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