What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a government funded scheme designed to fill a vocational skills gap for people in the labour market.

  • Over 80% of employers who employ apprentices agree they make their workplace more productive
  • 81% of consumers favour using companies that take on apprentices
Many apprenticeships are at higher levels of training and for new professions such as sales, bid management, marketing and hundreds of others.
The apprenticeship can be used to recruit new talent or to equip existing staff of any age or education level with the new knowledge, behaviours and skills their development needs. Typically it needs a commitment of between fifteen months and two years.

Apprentices are normal employees, but you commit to providing on the job training, supporting your apprentice to attend (usually monthly) training workshops and give them time to complete other training assignments designed to make them occupationally competent.

In return, you are allowed (if you wish) to flex the apprentice’s pay structure.

The government pays 95% of training costs for smaller companies and, via the Apprenticeship Levy, 100% for larger companies. Employers of younger apprentices may be eligible for an additional grant. More importantly, you gain both economically and in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility.

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JGA’s apprenticeships

JGA’s apprenticeship provision specialises in sales, marketing and events related programmes.

We work closely with professional bodies such as the Association of Professional Sales and the Association of Proposal Management Professionals and have developed true professional training.

Our Apprenticeships

Keeping Learners Safe

We are committed to working together to create a fantastic learning and work experience, and to ensure the highest levels of safety and wellbeing.

This is overseen by our Safeguarding Officers who promote and implement the Safeguarding Policy, ensuring that it is reviewed regularly and acted upon.

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Trusted partners

Check out our trusted partners below, and find out a little about why we’ve partnered with each one.

JGA has a direct contract with the Government’s Skills Funding Agency for apprenticeships, loan funded learning, English 4 Cabbies, Traineeships and other programmes. We provide apprenticeships and skills for employment programmes both directly and through a close knit team of proven sub-contract delivery partners.

Our careers and apprenticeship teams’ networks are wide and deep. We are in regular touch with lots of local Small and Medium Enterprises and are always keen to talk to larger organisations! For example, we regularly work with Surrey County Council to support changes to their staffs’ work circumstances and we are based in many London Jobcentres supporting the unemployed.

Having been praised by Ofsted and auditors as well as our partners, we also provide a range of quality, compliance and funding related services to other providers on a  low cost, flexible basis – so if you need some support then come and talk to us!

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