Pastoral Care

We provide expert support to help you on your apprenticeship journey. This includes mental health and neurodiversity, careers guidance and academic and financial challenges.


We partner with Genius Within, who provide a support service for anyone with a neurodiversity need.

Following an online assessment, any apprentice whose results indicates challenges is able to receive support from an expert workplace psychologist.

This can be remote or in person depending on the needs and preferences of the individual and is funded at no cost to you or your employer.

In some cases, the programme duration can be extended, to give you the best chance of success and progression.

The Screening Questionnaire takes about 15 minutes to answer. The questions focus on practical, work-related issues. For each issue, Genius Within provides you with top tips for working at your best at work or in training.

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Academic & Financial Support

Do you find study difficult? Or maybe there are new issues such as a change in family circumstances, a lack of motivation or childcare duties which are impacting your apprenticeship? Maybe you have changed jobs. 

JGA may be able to help with: 

  • Paying for childcare arrangements
  • Work clothing
  • Benefits or financial support

  • Difficulties with your course and workload
  • Personal and relationship difficulties
  • Health, diet, smoking cessation and sexual health
  • Support is offered to all apprentices who get into trouble and reach the Disciplinary process

Perhaps you are worried that you might be impacted by mental health conditions or you really struggle with maths or find spelling very difficult. Historically you may have thought that admitting your concerns would do you no favours in work or education.

In recent years attitudes towards these barriers to learning have changed and there is government money put aside to help with many of these challenges. JGA works with professionals to assess issues and give you help and tips about how best to cope, whether the issue is practical or health/mental health oriented.

Your Learner Progress Advisor or Skills Coach can help you with any pastoral care issues.