Getting Started
During Your Programme

Completing Your Apprenticeship


Once you’ve completed your on programme training you will go through gateway. This is where we agree with you and your line manager that you have acquired the knowledge, skills and behaviours set out in the Apprenticeship standard and are ready to undertake end point assessment.

End Point Assessment (EPA)

EPA is the process at the end of your program for you to demonstrate to a third-party assessor that you have acquired knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSB’s) throughout your training set out in the Apprenticeship standard.

The EPA will be carried out by an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO). The EPAO is an impartial organisation which takes responsibility for the final assessment of the apprentice against the requirements of their apprenticeship.

Your assessment

During EPA, you will complete the following

The test will consist of 30 multiple choice questions, 5 from each of the following learning areas:

  • Political Environment
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Consultation Process
  • Policy Delivery

The test will last 45 minutes.

The written policy exercise will focus on testing a range of knowledge and skills developed over theapprenticeship programme. The exercise will consist of 2 essay-style questions, based on fictitious scenarios and will be taken online under normal exam conditions.

One month ahead of the written policy exercise, the apprentice will receive a brief from the End Point Assessment Organisation explaining the format of the written exercise, but this will not include the specific questions to be answered.

90 minutes are allowed for the exercise. There is no word limit.

10 minute presentation to a brief set by an independent assessor that focuses on aspects of the policy lifecycle, followed by a Q&A (10 mins).

The question is set by the End Point Assessment Organisation and will focus on aspects of the policy lifecycle, including the development, implementation and evaluation phases of a policy. You will receive it one month in advance.

The presentation can be delivered in any format, with or without slides, video, supporting documents and/or speaking notes.

Immediately following the presentation, there will be a series of follow-up questions from the panel, based on the presentation. This will enable the panel to confirm understanding of the learning area and explore arguments in more depth.

A 50 minute structured discussion with an independent assessor to explore aspects of your work, including how it was carried out and to test your application of the knowledge, skills and behaviours in the standard.

During your apprenticeship you will create a portfolio of evidence that will underpin this discussion.

Resources for End Point Assessment

Read the guide from the EPAO

There are templates and further docs available in OneFile under Resources/Policy Officer EPA preparation materials.

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