Completing Your Apprenticeship


Once you’ve completed your on-programme training you will go through Gateway. This is where we agree with you and your line manager that you have acquired the knowledge, skills and behaviours set out in the Apprenticeship standard and are ready to undertake end point assessment.

End Point Assessment (EPA)

EPA is the process at the end of your programme for you to demonstrate to a third-party assessor that you have acquired knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSB’s) throughout your training set out in the Apprenticeship standard.

The EPA will be carried out by an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO). The EPAO is an impartial organisation which takes responsibility for the final assessment of the apprentice against the requirements of their apprenticeship.

Your Assessment

During EPA, you will complete the following:

Multiple choice test with 40 questions – 10 of which will be based on 2 given scenarios. The test lasts 90 minutes.

  • A 3500 word project showcase report based on a work based project agreed between the apprentice and the employer. A presentation pack of 8-10 slides needs to be provided as an appendix. The project should be designed to show how your work meets the needs of the business, is relevant to your role and allows the knowledge, skills and behaviours from the standard to be demonstrated.
  • The project may be based on any of the following:
    • Business specific need – such as a tactical marketing issue
    • A specific problem
    • A recurring issue
    • A new business idea or opportunity
  • A 60-minutes structred professional discussion with an independent assessor. This will typically have a minimum of 10 open questions. It allows validation of the work delivered and the opportunity to discuss any areas of the project highlighted by the independent assessor during their review of the project report as needing further investigation/testing. It will also cover any knowledge, skills and behaviours to be assessed that were not evidenced in the report.

Resources for End Point Assessment

There are templates and further docs available in OneFile under Resources/Marketing Assistant/EPA docs.

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