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Apprenticeship Testimonials

Gurdas Singh | Marketing Manager for On Logistics

I think what’s made my apprenticeship journey so special is it offered something I was always searching for in the respect that I was looking for a sounding board with people that are in my similar position, with people that I can rely on and I think I’ve found that with

A) My Apprenticeship Cohort

Time and time again I find myself speaking and listen to fellow apprentices where they were in the same circumstance as I was. When going through certain aspects of life or career journey you cannot underestimate how important it is to have somebody else that’s can relate to situation is you; because it makes you feel you’re not alone and that was what was really special and made me realise that having doing this apprenticeship journey was the right choice …

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Jamie Moore | Partnerships, Marketing & Communications
Co-Ordinator for Bolton at Home

I did a Level 3 in digital marketing and I’m now actually in the End-Point Assessment stage with the course for my level 4.

I found that 20% off the job element was was particularly useful and served as a guiding force to help me balance my time between busy working responsibilities and apprenticeship assignments. JGA’s course content does strike a nice balance so I didn’t find my Apprenticeship too overwhelming to the point where I feel confident I can achieve a pass, merit or distinction …

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Lilly Rose | Digital Marketing Apprentice
for Clevelands Wholesale Limited

Lily has taken the initiative and demonstrated commitment to personal development and progression through learning, all whilst overcoming a level of challenge rarely faced by apprentices. With little to no budget, and with colleagues of limited digital marketing or social media experience, Lily has used free tools for her phone to lead new marketing campaigns across retail and wholesale websites, learning how to use them through YouTube and JGA, her apprenticeship training provider.

Additionally, Lily created a website which will soon become a live retail platform and utilised the apprenticeship to understand and exploit her employer’s product & customer sales database, benefiting the business through the application of SWOT and SMART goal analysis to communications.

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Hope Jones | Communications & Brand Advisor
for Pension Protection Fund

I think JGA’s Off-the-job learning opportunity has been invaluable. In my case I was given the opportunity to work with other apprentices, different from those in my usual learning cohort and are further along in their apprenticeship programmes.

This is especially important to me because I am probably one of the youngest in my team and since the lockdown I have not been going into the office. So I cherish how the project provided a means to interaction with others of the same work ethic and ambition.

Ryan Wilkes | Bid Management Coordinator for Kuehne+Nagel

“The apprenticeship programme has definitely established a strong support network in terms of a APMP & The JGA Group and the bids managers – they’ve definitely very good in mentor me and shaping into the kind of person that is very beneficial to my organisation

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