Careers Provision for Schools & Colleges

Delivering Good Careers Guidance

The key components of ‘Good Careers Guidance’ are:

  • One to One Guidance Interviews
  • Delivery | On School Premises, individual or groups

What is it?

Impartial face-face guidance interviews to help young people understand themselves and their needs. To confront barriers, develop new perspectives and make progress at key transition points.

Staff Quality

  • Recognised Qualifications
  • Staff training
  • Continuous Professional Development management
  • Impartial approach

Service Quality

  • Physical resource
  • Design and format
  • Continual improvement
  • Innovation/new product development

Impact on Young People

  • Learning objective achieved
  • Positive impact on students receiving services

Our CEIAG practitioners are qualified to Level 6+ and have diverse experience providing exceptional impartial careers guidance in aspirational schools and community centres.  JGA aim to support students to raise aspiration and give them the tools and expertise to assess their own values and interest and achieve the life they deserve. We operate with integrity and are flexible, enthusiastic and competitively priced.

In The Words of Our Stakeholders

“This year, for the first time, students have been stopping me to say how useful their careers interview has been.” – Canons High School 2016

“Learners on all programmes receive good information to place them on the programme that best matched their career aims and are well informed about their career options.” – Ofsted 2018