Getting our festive knits on for Save The Children

It’s Christmas jumper day! Here at the JGA offices in Eastcote we’re wearing our festive knits to raise money for Save the Children. Every donation matters – A £2 donation could help pay for a blanket and hat to keep a child warm.

How has money raised helped Children?

Adeline was forced to leave home with her family in South Sudan because of growing violence.

Children like Adeline pay a price for escaping conflict, leaving their old life behind and often saying goodbye to education. On average, refugee children are five times less likely to attend school than other children.

For young girls approaching their teens like Adeline, this means struggling to ever secure the qualifications they need for a career, for a life beyond household chores and marriage.

Adeline and her family have now moved to a more stable area of the region where Save the Children funds a school that gives children a chance to learn the skills they need to build futures for themselves.

Adeline believes that with a good education, she could set up a good life for her and her family.

“I enjoy going to school because I want to have a good future,” she says. “Right now not enough people have this knowledge and I see people suffering. I want to have the knowledge to help them – I think education can help this country. To children who do not want to go to school I would say the world is changing now, and you need to be educated. You need to learn so that you can look after yourself.”

Adeline’s mother, Martha, also places great value on education. She believes that ensuring more children go to school is the only way South Sudan can find its way to a more peaceful future: “It is because most of the people are not educated that they are fighting.”

At the JGA Group we believe that everybody deserves the right to a real, worthwhile, quality education. So far Save the Children have raised nearly £90,000 to help children all over the world. We believe with the support of our colleagues we’re making a real difference.