Don’t Get a Job…Make a Job

Gem Barton has written a solid gold book (both figuratively and almost literally). It is aimed at creative grads but applies to people of any age and background who are looking to define a career on their own terms and/or to start a service-oriented business. The book features 19 short case studies of a few pages each with a refreshingly honest outlook and grouped into: Propaganda, Going mobile [ie get out and about], Specialism vs diversity, Tough Calls, Going it Alone vs Teaming Up, Gusto and Getting the Most out of your Education.

The groupings summarise the key messages which are pulled from architects, designers and other creatives around the world. Of course those interviews which made it in to the book tend to the the solid gold exemplars of the points that the author is trying to make but it is none the worse for that.

The book is highly readable and fab!