JGA is sleeping out for homelessness!

It’s that time of year where it starts to get bitterly cold again and whilst most of us are going home after work around 307,000 people (classed as homeless in the UK) won’t be – that’s more than the entire population of Newcastle – and that’s only those who are actually being counted.

This year, nearly half of The JGA Group‘s staff (based in Eastcote) will be participating in the Trinity Homeless Projects‘s #TheBigSleepOut. This means we’ll be sleeping out in the cold on December 1st in cardboard boxes. Whilst this doesn’t come near to the sheer reality of homelessness, it’s our way of supporting a cause that’s trying to tackle homelessness.

The Trinity Homeless Projects last year provided 71,000 nights of accommodation to people suffering the effects of homelessness in the London Borough of Hillingdon, where they house two new people every week. Trinity Homeless Projects provided coaching to 111 people living in their accommodation – that’s over 25,000 hours per year. 69% of people who left the accommodation moved on to live independently.

Read two stories of how the Trinity Homeless Projects have helped get back on their feet:

Dennis’ story:

Dennis’ poor health meant he had to stay in hospital for long periods of time, after one of these hospital stays he returned to his council house to find he had been evicted. He slept rough for five winter months, he’s 64 years old.

He was referred to Trinity and we housed him and supported him through his ill health; when he was ready his coach helped him deal with an outstanding pension issue, which resulted in him receiving a large sum of money and a weekly pension.

Dennis was adamant that the first thing he would do was to pay his rent arrears to Trinity which were accrued during his hospital stays. He now plans to make the most of his financial freedom and independence by purchasing a mobile home by the sea.

John’s story:

John lived in his car. He’d lost his job and burned his bridges with friends and family. John came to Trinity Homeless Projects desperate for work but unwilling to engage with staff to address his anti-social behaviour and drug misuse problems.

Eventually, through dedicated and intensive coaching, he saw that he could change his lifestyle in order to get the life he so desperately wanted. He got himself into a routine and secured high-paid employment at a bank, however, he was still living in his car.

Trinity were able to offer him housing and he still receives weekly coaching so he can successfully sustain his new found independence.

During the event, we will be live tweeting which you can follow on our twitter @JgaGroup or you can follow the hashtag #itcouldbeme. Last year the JGA group raised nearly £2000 for the Trinity Homeless Projects through donations.

We are currently raising money and taking donations, you’d like to donate, or find out more about the cause click here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/jgagroup