What you didn’t know about Secondary Schools and FE

Spring 2017 Team Forum

London, 19th May, 2017

Theme: Change

Thank you to the 60 attendees today who came to JGA to hear Tash Moriarty, Headteacher of The Harefield Academy passionately update us on changes to the secondary system (and boy there are changes – check out the slides). Our MD Richard Goodwin led a discussion about the changes to Apprenticeships and how the impact varies by age, seniority, and industry. Newly appointed Director, Pooja Barot ably fronted an equivalent session about how the Adult Learning Loan system enables people to gain qualifications and upskill.

Experts David Preston and Richard John told us about the new Event Assistant Apprenticeships whilst Julie Naldrett focused on JGA’s Healthy Futures programme which helps people into jobs in social care roles. Local hero Mehdi Mohammed beat the drum for introducing robotics into recruitment processes and Maggie Kerwin of Prospects laid bare the future of the National Careers Service.

We raised £200 for the Children’s Heart Foundation and celebrated setting up Jane’s Tunbridge Wells branch of JGA. Phew! it was intense – thank goodness for the drinks and networking at the end!