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Training and upskilling that matters

The JGA Group’s roots are as a vocational training and employability organisation with an emphasis on qualifications accredited by the major awarding bodies: Edexcel, OCR, NCfE, Gateway and ATHE. We also provide a wide range of corporate training opportunities and services for other training companies. We are well respected within our industry.

Cultural and Language training for retailers

It’s amazing the difference that a few words of their own language makes to travellers and hence retailer’s sales. One participant in a JGA course at Heathrow used Arabic to make a £2,500 sale including the first ever sale in Europe of a unique £1,000 perfume! This type of learning isn’t just for high end stores though, employers from all areas of the retail and catering sectors benefit.

Flexible commercial learning programmes

We are always keen to apply JGA’s expertise to new business sectors both inside and outside the United Kingdom so please approach us if you may have an opportunity. One longstanding set of relationships is with the Government, Chamber of Commerce and individual companies within Gibraltar has lasted many years.

Accredited training

We have particular strength in business, health and careers advice and guidance qualifications. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or have your sights set on professional development or higher education we have a range of  programmes and funding options available.

Supporting training providers

The training sector requires flexibility and focus and JGA provides a range of quality, compliance, funding and infrastructure services to other training organisations. If you want to provide government funded training and minimise the substantial investment in infrastructure, just get in touch!

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